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Language & Summer Schools Fair, Spring 2018

Review :
• 61 exhibitors from 19 countries
• More than 4000+ sqm exhibition space
• Over 7167 visitors
• Sponsors :Turkish Airlines, CNN TURK Radio, Radyo D, Londonist, British Council IELTS, IDP IELTS

Marketing Activities :
• Collaboration with student associations from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir universities
• Websites in Turkish and in English detailing fair schedule, locations and other important information regarding the fair
• Our sponsors have announced and advertised our fairs on their social media accounts. Our sponsors also sent SMS text messages to their databases, announcing our fairs.
• Links on many leading internet portals, including hurriyet.com, milliyet.com etc.
• Text and visual based ads with Google Adwords
• Radio spots on CNN Turk Radio and Radio D
• Banners on the websites of 4 organising agencies, emails and text messages to the addresses and numbers in their databases
• Press release


  • Eleri Maitland

    French in Normandy

    “This is my second StudyExpo and it is just great. The second one is even better than the first one. The organization here is just perfect. We don’t have to worry about anything. The brochures have arrived on time and the whole set-up is great; especially the stands are beautiful. The students just don’t stop coming. There was a queue yesterday over one-kilometer-long outside the building. I have not stopped working and talking to students today. There are many prospective students, asking sensible questions about studying in France. They are very knowledgeable and are not wasting time. They come here with a project in mind for the summer. It’s been absolutely fabulous.”

  • Grace Compton

    EU Business School, International Summer Schools

    “I’ve been really impressed with StudyExpo. The fair has been amazing. I have been really impressed by the quality of the students that come along. I managed to get 45 leads only yesterday, which I am really happy with. The whole event itself has been very well-organized. I’ve had long conversations with students and their parents as well.”

  • Katherine Althlathini

    University of Texas at Austin – ESL

    “StudyExpo has really exceeded my expectations. Students who’ve been coming to the events have excellent profiles; they are really focused and they’re asking really good questions. I’ve had very meaningful conversations with the students. They’re not the kind of students who just walk by and take brochures. I can see a lot of genuine interest. I am really glad to attend this event because the organization is excellent. Prior to the fair, I kept receiving responses to my emails within moments, even though I’m working from the US. I’m really impressed with the organization of StudyExpo and students who visit.”

  • Karson Langenfelder

    MLA – Move Language Ahead

    “The quality of StudyExpo has been excellent. We’ve had a number of families and groups come to us. The quality of the visitors’ profile has been really good, especially the students between 8 and 18, the Junior Market, which is what we were looking for. The overall organization of the event has been excellent. We’re really pleased with the number of people who have come in the past 2 days. The communication with people from StudyExpo has been wonderful as well. We look forward to returning in the future.

  • Ed Seddon

    Kings Education

    “This fair has been very successful for Kings Education. I think the variety of students has been very great for us, very positive. We expected lots of Junior Students, lots of summer school and English language students; but on top of these, we have also had many high quality A-Level and Foundation students who will be doing 2 or 3 years of study before going on to university. I’ve been really impressed with the commitment of the students; their level of English is also really good. We have probably talked to 200 to 250 students in less than two days. The organization also has been very smooth. Everything was ready when I arrived at the fair area. Everybody has been very friendly and everybody has been very knowledgeable about the industry as well. “

  • Kevin O’Neill

    Swan English Language Training

    “This is our second time at StudyExpo. The reason we came back was because last year we received lots of positive feedback and also students. This time it is also very good. Yesterday and today we’ve had a lot of interested students visiting our table. What I especially like is that the people coming and talking to us know exactly what they are looking for. Rather than asking “what do you offer?” they tell us what they want. They are very knowledgeable. 95% of people visiting our table has been adults, which is exactly what we are looking for. They are interested in a wide range of courses that we offer. The fair itself is also very well-organized.”

  • Charlotte Weatherilt

    St. Giles International

    “We’ve had really successful 2 days in StudyExpo. The turnout has been fantastic. It’s been great to be able to speak to so many different students who are really motivated to study English abroad. I’ve spoken to students from all ages. The StudyExpo team has done a fantastic job in organizing the event. I am sure we will be back next year and many years to come.”

  • Sonia Shaw

    Southbourne School of English

    “We chose StudyExpo because we believe that it will be a really good match for the demographic of students we want in our school. When I arrived at the fair yesterday, I was absolutely shocked by the number of students who were queuing up outside. StudyExpo is very professionally-run. It is very clear for the students and the schools exactly why we are all here. As soon as we arrived, StudyExpo helped us with everything and there was always someone to support us along the way. The quality of the students I have met has been a really good fit for our school. I recommend StudyExpo to other schools who would like to come here and showcase their schools to this market and a large number of students. I know we have had a great return already from the number of students that we have spoken to. Thank you StudyExpo, for a great time and hopefully we will see you again!”

  • Meriem Hassouna

    International House Newcastle

    “The number of students who have visited in two days has been very good. I am also impressed by the number of families who want their children to study English abroad. It’s really impressive. We look forward to seeing these students in Newcastle. The fair is really well-organized and hopefully we will be back next year.”

  • Thomas Whitehouse

    St. Clare’s, Oxford

    “Last year I attended StudyExpo, which was very successful for our school. This year it has actually been even better and the number of students are even higher. It’s been really good so far, because there has been a good demographic of students. We have had families for our Junior Programmes. There also has been quite a number of university students who have come and talked to us about our Adult Language Courses. Another benefit of StudyExpo is that it gives me a good opportunity with very good partners so I can get to know the Turkish student market better. StudyExpo as well is very professionally set up. I am very impressed with my booth and the whole atmosphere. I am very pleased that we have managed to get quite a few students on board. Thank you StudyExpo!”

  • Nigel Paramor

    English in Chester

    “It’s been a very good experience for me. I’ve been impressed by the organization of the event. The information we received in advance was excellent and the response rate to our emails were extremely quick. The event itself has surpassed my expectations. The quality of the students has been fantastic and the number of students has also been very impressive. Students were queuing outside before the fair started. I have already had several certain bookings today. We will certainly get even more bookings from this event. I would definitely recommend StudyExpo as an event. It has been a great pleasure to be here.”

  • Scott Bushell

    The London School of English

    “I am very happy to be here today. This is my second StudyExpo. I’ve been to a number of different exhibitions and by far this is the best for me. Why is this the best? I would say the organization is top quality. The venue, the set-up and the number of students have been excellent. Everything has been provided for us. But more importantly, the quality of students has been phenomenal. Not only the volume, but the profiles of the students have been very, very good. They fit our profile very well. I am over the moon with the general quality of the event.”

  • Rebecca Willis

    Greater Brighton Metropolitan College

    “It’s my first time at StudyExpo. What I’ve found from this event is that we have had a really great number of visitors. I’ve counted about 40 really prominent leads just in one day, which is fantastic. We have been talking to lots of students. I have really enjoyed it so far. I think it has been very professionally organized. I definitely want to come again.”

  • David Taylor Ferguson

    Emerald Cultural Institute

    “We have had a very productive two days and a large number of students. We have had a constant stream of students who have come to talk to us about both Junior and Adult Programmes. I’ve been to other fairs that were not as busy as this. The venue and the set-up are great. The students know what they want to discuss; they seem very knowledgeable about education abroad and our school in particular. StudyExpo has done a really good job.”




What our exhibitors say

StudyExpo is owned, organised and supported by four reliable Turkish study abroad agencies; Bilimevi, GKR, Idealist and Karya. These agencies are considered some of the most professional, knowledgeable and experienced in the industry and they represent a significant share of the market as well as a diverse set of programs and destinations.

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