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Secondary & Higher Education Fair, Fall 2018

StudyExpo events are carefully designed, marketed, and created for a specific target audience. StudyExpo Language & Summer Schools Fair takes place in the Spring, with StudyExpo Secondary & Higher Education Fair following in the Autumn.

Separate events, marketed and advertised differently, targeting specific types of students and their needs, ensure better value for educators, a more focused event for students and parents, and more carefully vetted attendees.

StudyExpo Secondary & Higher Education Fair 2018 successfully took place with 45 exhibitors and was visited by 5134 students. StudyExpo Secondary & Higher Education Fair 2019 will be held in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, three biggest cities in Turkey, between 16 - 21 November 2019.

Programs Offered

- High Schools
- Boarding Schools
- Associate Degree Programs
- Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree Programs
- IB Programs
- Certificate & Diploma Programs
- Foundation Programs
- Summer Credit Courses
- Pathway Programs
- Academic Language Programs
- PhD Programs
- Exam Preparation Courses


  • Jennifer Ebner-Daigle

    Amadeus International School Vienna

    “I think your organization was really great, the contact with fair organizers was excellent, they were very much top of their organization, so contacting us regularly, getting everything done, getting everything settled, what we got here, really the communication was impeccable. Once we got here the fair set up also quite nice, the size is very manageable for the families, there is a lot of traffic, a lot of interest, also in higher education. The fact that the banners are prepared, everything is set up is excellent as well, because it is very unique form and presentation which is unusual for the fair actually. So overall, really in terms of your organizations very professional, excellent communication and a lot of traffic.”

  • Jenni Denniston

    Blyth Academy

    “I am Jenni Denniston from Blyth Academy in Canada and really thrilled to be here at StudyExpo, it is incredibly well organized and I have met a number of great families looking to send their children to Canada to study High School. I really look forward to continuing conversations with families later today and we will likely be back next year because of the great connections we have made.”

  • Sabine Beilborn

    CESI Ecole d’lngénieurs

    “This is the first time I come to StudyExpo in Istanbul and I am just absolutely amazed by organization, we have been wonderful taken care for. In advance during the stay, we feel perfectly comfortable and well look after. The students and families seems to be very kind and I am impressed by the level of English of the students, so we had no problems in communicating with them. ”

  • Pavlos Tarasanski

    JAMK University of Applied Sciences

    “First of all it is very nice to be back the StudyExpo fair. We were here last year and we really liked it. The organisation was really fantastic and it gave us the opportunity to enter the Turkish market, because we are really looking forward receive Turkish students in Finland and this year we can say that thinks have even improved , so there are more students coming, more interest and we are of course happy to see their organisers and our agent who work with us in Turkey and we really looking forward to attending all cities, because last year unfortunately we attended only to Istanbul and really really looking forward to getting students to study in Finland. "

  • Yulia Goltsman

    Guandong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

    “My name is Yulia. I represent Technion Israel Institute of Technology. We also have a new brand in China it is called Guangdong Technion. I am very happy to be here today. I must admit it I am pleasantly surprised by StudyExpo. You see it is the third hour of the exhibition and you still have so much movement. People are coming and asking very precise questions, it is seems they have done their homework, their research before, obviously they had the program they should provide them, so they came prepared, they have quite good English, so it is very easy to communicate. “

  • Georgina Sanders

    Trent college

    “It has been a really worth well experience. We met some really lovely families they are really interested on school. It has been very well organized. I thought like, everyone is really helpful and friendly, the quality of the students that have been at the fair asked about the school is being quiet high, so that is really positive. I think it is definitely worth it, I will definitely attend again. We have thought it would be a good idea to come to this fair to judge whether to whether will market for British boarding school in Turkey and based what I have seen in the last day I would say it is the definitely is a market there and I am definitely like to attend in the future, it has been really worth experience. ”

  • Cyntia Bratan

    Wilfrid Laurier University

    “Hi. My name is Cyntia Bratan. I am representing Wilfrid Laurier University. It is my first time here in Istanbul and I have a great time at StudyExpo this weekend. I was very impressed how well organized the whole event was with the amount of people that showed up and great conversations that I have had with students, parents and as well with some agents around the Istanbul. Although, I am only attending the Istanbul section of the fair, I look forward to attending many more in the future. ”




What our exhibitors say

StudyExpo is owned, organised and supported by four reliable Turkish study abroad agencies; Bilimevi, GKR, Idealist and Karya. These agencies are considered some of the most professional, knowledgeable and experienced in the industry and they represent a significant share of the market as well as a diverse set of programs and destinations.

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