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Language & Summer Schools Fair, Spring 2019

Review :
? 67 exhibitors from 24 countries
? More than 4000+ sqm exhibition space
? Over 7545 visitors
? Sponsors :Vodafone, Turkish Airlines, PTE Academic, Sennheiser, Londonist, British Council IELTS

Marketing Activities :
? Collaboration with student associations from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir universities
? Websites in Turkish and in English detailing fair schedule, locations and other important information regarding the fair
? Our sponsors have announced and advertised our fairs on their social media accounts. Our sponsors also sent SMS text messages to their databases, announcing our fairs.
? Links on many leading internet portals, including hurriyet.com, milliyet.com etc.
? Text and visual based ads with Google Adwords
? Radio spots on Haberturk Radio
? Banners on the websites of 4 organising agencies, emails and text messages to the addresses and numbers in their databases
? Press release


  • Rubie Ghazal

    Drexel University English Language Center

    ?This is our first time at the StudyExpo and we like it very much. I am really impressed with the organization of the fair, with the support what we get from the team of StudyExpo. The venue is also fantastic and very well organised. I was really surprised at the number of students and participators. We have had very bad weather the past two days, yet great number of students come by our table, I think this because of the quality of marketing and advertising that the team have put and the quality of work what they put into this. A lot of work seems to have done underway and the team members worked very hard to make this event to success. We are considering coming to the Secondary & Higher Education Fair in the fall. Also, because of positive experience that we have at this time. Thank you very much for StudyExpo team and I look forward to meeting you in the future.?

  • Mathilde Brouillet

    France Langue

    ?It is my first time attending the StudyExpo , I am very happy about the organization they welcomed people very well. The hotel was nice, the place here is good, good quality of schools. The number of students we welcomed today was really really nice with people knowing exactly what they want. So, I am really hoping that is going to bring students to France. I recommend everybody to attend StudyExpo next years.?

  • Eleri Maitland

    French in Normandy

    ?I am here at StudyExpo, I do this fair every year. It is specialized in language classes and that is in February and March every year. I do the whole route, so I come to Istanbul, I go to Ankara, I go to Izmir, and back to Istanbul. Why I do it because this is a great fair, this is where you meet students who have serious projects. The whole organization is fantastic. The food in Turkey just delicious. Everything is just brilliant. I cannot say anything but come to StudyExpo.?

  • Jordan Reed

    Halifax Language Institute of Canada

    ?We are English language school located in Atlantic Canada in a beautiful Atlantic Ocean. This is our first time at the StudyExpo, so far we really enjoying ourselves, there is a great crowd, fantastic leads, students and parents that are committed to going overseas, many of which are interested in going to universities, which is fantastic for us, because they have to fill language requirements first. There also many students interested in summer camps and general ESL programs. It has been a fantastic weekend with great food and great people. The StudyExpo house been wonderful and very helpful and we are looking to coming back. Of course we are looking all wonderful Turkish students that will soon be coming to our school."

  • Marco Sousa

    Portuguese Connection School/span>

    ?I am coming from Portugal. So far, StudyExpo fair has been great, your organization is really good and people, others. There are a lot of people coming around, asking information. So far, so good, I have only good things to say about StudyExpo. One think what I like in this fair this is focused on languages on study abroad?

  • Thomas Whitehouse

    St Clare?s, Oxford

    ?This is the 3rd time we have attended the event of StudyExpo and we go all of the cities. It is incredibly well organised event and they always have lots and lots of students, even if the weather is not good. I truly recommend coming to this event as a school for sure. We also get bookings directly after fair what is fantastic as well.?

  • Kevin Griffiths

    Taunton School

    ?This is my 1st time in Istanbul and at the StudyExpo event. It has been excellent, everything has been organized very well including all of the artworks and our stands. I have plenty of room to see parents and families so often in some fairs you only have a one small table and you can hear what the next person is saying to you, but here I have a plenty of space to have conversation with my visitors. I have been busy all day yesterday and all day today. All of the parents and children have been generally interested what we have had to say. So the event has been well advertised and I think the quality of the parents has been really good, mainly because I think they have been thought what to expect. So we can have a meaningful conversation. I am really pleased and hope to be here next year.?





What our exhibitors say

StudyExpo is owned, organised and supported by four reliable Turkish study abroad agencies; Bilimevi, GKR, Idealist and Karya. These agencies are considered some of the most professional, knowledgeable and experienced in the industry and they represent a significant share of the market as well as a diverse set of programs and destinations.

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