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Secondary & Higher Education Fair, Fall 2017

Review :
? 53 exhibitors from 19 countries
? More than 3000 sqm exhibition space
? 4313 visitors
? Sponsors :Turkish Airlines, CNN TURK Radio, Radyo D, Londonist, British Council IELTS, IDP IELTS

Marketing Activities :
? Numerous forms of mass communication.
? Outdoor activities; banners and posters in key locations and in universities.
? Flyer distribution and poster placement at universities? campuses
? Collaboration with student associations from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir universities
? Poster placement in 450 private middle schools, high schools and Anatolian high schools
? Websites in Turkish and in English detailing fair schedule, locations and other important information regarding the fair.
? Ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
? Posts on the Facebook page of EduMag, a study-abroad web portal with 105.000 followers
? Press releases
? Links on many leading internet portals.
? Text and visual based ads with Google Adwords
? SMS messages to students.
? Mailshots to student and school databases.
? Banners on the websites of 4 organising agencies, emails and text messages to the addresses and numbers in their databases.
? Social media posts of the 4 organising agencies and other institutions that support the fair
? Our sponsors, Sennheiser, British Council IELTS, Campus France, IDP IELTS have announced and advertised our fairs on their social media accounts. Our sponsors also sent SMS text messages to their databases, announcing our fairs.
? Our exhibitors AIESEC and Cvbenim have announced our fairs on their social media accounts. They have sent SMS text messages to their databases as well


  • Gabriela Facchini

    Sheridan College

    ?I believe Sheridan College will benefit from being here. The venue here is very good. We have a steady stream of interested students. We?ve had a chance to present these students with information regarding our programs and opportunities.??

  • Ivan Mielzarek

    IED Istituto Europeo di Design

    ?The students visiting the fair have been asking the right and focused questions. Students stopping by at our table know what they are interested in and are prepared.?

  • Gianluca Polidori

    Dukes Education

    ?Fair has a very good size. Number of agents were also beneficial as students are able to spend more time at each stall without feeling pressure to move on.
    I will definitely be recommending it to my colleagues when I return.?

  • Peter Gauci-Maistre

    European College of Malta

    ?The location, setup, volume and the quality of the students are very good. What I find particularly unique is having a partner agent sitting with you at your desk. The agent can speak to a student directly in the student?s native language and this makes a huge difference. It is a very beneficial thing. The organisation, venue, the setup at the fair area, all are spot-on. I am looking forward to the next StudyExpo event!?

  • Clarence McNie

    Bronte College

    ?I have met quite a number of students and families, and they have been the type of the audience we have been looking for. It was easy to converse with the families in English. It has been very easy for me to interact with them. The venue is an ideal and accessible place to hold the event.?

  • Matthew Marois

    Niagara College Canada

    ?It is very nice when everything is done for the recruiters, so that they can concentrate on the students. We didn?t have to bring banners or brochures, which is amazing. You can?t beat the venues in Istanbul, Izmir or Ankara. They?re the best venues you can get in town. The English levels among students are very good, which makes us happy as a college. Altogether, I am very impressed with the fair.?





What our exhibitors say

StudyExpo is owned, organised and supported by four reliable Turkish study abroad agencies; Bilimevi, GKR, Idealist and Karya. These agencies are considered some of the most professional, knowledgeable and experienced in the industry and they represent a significant share of the market as well as a diverse set of programs and destinations.

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